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Setting up an SSH tunnel into a corporate network


How can I access a machine that is on my company's internal network? I want to access an internal web server. The machine has the IP number but it has not external visible IP number.
My company has one machine open that allows SSH access.


You can set up a tunnel to that internal machine using an SSH client, for example the popular 'putty'.
You can download putty here.

Here are the steps necessary to set up a tunnel to a web server on
 1. Open putty, 
         - Host Name:
         - Port: 22
         - SSH: check the box for "Enable compression"
                 - X11: check the box for "Enable X11 forwarding"
                 - Tunnels:   Source port: 8888
                                  (the target you want to browse) 
                     Then select "Add"
     Select "Open"
 2. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer:
     Tools --> Internet Options
     select "Connections" tab
     Select "LAN Settings"
     Check the box "Use a proxy server for your LAN ....."
         and enter localhost for Address and 8888 for Port
 3. Type http://localhost:8888/ 

Remember to undo step 2 after done step 3, otherwise you can't browse the internet later on.

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