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How do I winterize a house?


How do I winterize a house?


The water should be shut off at the main valve or at least at the inlet to the meter. The meter should be removed and capped, so that water is not able to get back in. Turn off and drain the water heater.

Find the low point in the system, (basement or lowest gravity point with a faucet or hydrant and drain the water from the system. Faucets should be opened to provide air for suction to allow the system to drain completely. With the meter removed, and all faucets open, air pressure (10-30 psi) should be applied to the open line at the meter, and continue until the lines are blown free of water.

Toilets tanks must be drained and wiped free of any excess water in tank. Antifreeze (non-automotive mix) should be dumped into toilets until the trap expels; about a gallon in each commode. The same solution should be dumped into each sink, maybe a half gallon in each sink, in order to blow or empty the trap of tap water.

Heating system should be turned off. If you have a boiler system, these should be professionally drained and winterized. Forced air Electric, gas or fuel oil units do not require winterizing, but should be turned off. If your water heater is electric, turn it off at the circuit breaker to avoid burning up the heating elements. Do not turn it back on unless there is water in it.

Now that you know how to winterize a house, do the most efficient thing and call a plumber a professional will do the winterization for about $75 to $100, on a small house. It will be a little more for a mansion.

Then have the gas and electric service turned off by the power company.

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