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Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection


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Last week I got contacted via my profile on a dating web site. The person had a temporary profile only with no picture posted and sent me a one-liner including her yahoo address and she asked me to add her on the yahoo messenger.

I was bored so I fulfilled her request.

Her profile had said she was from Illinois, USA. I live in California. Once we chat on Y! messenger, she says she just left Madrid/ Spain and is in West Africa now.

Supposedly she works for a diamond company which is owned by her step dad. She lives with her daughter since her husband (or kids father, I do not recall) left her after the kid was born. Here are her photos - I am not quite sure that they are really HER photos:

She also tells me that she is on bad terms with her step dad since he asked her for sex. (If that's her real photos, I might ask her for sex also.)
During the chat she was kind of evasive, did not answer my questions but instead asked me questions herself. After about 30 minutes she said she'd have to leave West Africa soon and wants to come to the Bay Area (which is why she had written me) and whether she could stay at my place for a week or two until she had gotten herself a place.

She wanted to see photos of my house (I mailed her two).

During the following week we briefly chatted maybe 3 times. No deep conversation, this woman does not spell well, and obviously does half a dozen chats parallel.

I asked her to visit a web site that I host so that I could trap her IP number. It was

I used two different tools (web sites) to identify the location she was coming from. Most web sites reported this IP as in London, UK. One web site located it as CAPE GIRARDEAU, MISSOURI.

If you ever want to do this kind of check, grab the IP number from email headers and use a web site like on it. You need to make your email program or web client display all headers, to see the 'Originating IP'. Yahoo's email client offers this. I do not know about AOL or hotmail.

She claims to be on AOL (which I found strange, does AOL offer service in West Africa?)

Yesterday she started talking how her step-dad does not send the money he is supposed to send. A kind of allowance instead of a paycheck. Don't ask me for an explanation of this concept.

I did not like to hear her talk about bills that she cannot pay. I'm kind of allergic to this talk when I know a person from 60 minutes of chatting only :-)

Anyway, today she asked me directly to Western Union her the money, $750. As I am posting this, I am still chatting with her. A copy of today's chat is below.

(myself): hello?
Joy Johnson: i was unable to get u the number cos the phone network was bad
Joy Johnson: i was thinking of geting my self a foone
(myself): is it worth it when you're leaving soon?
Joy Johnson: No...thats the problem
(myself): can you do me a favor? Click on this?
(myself): and then, what's the prob - you cannot leave?
Joy Johnson: i dont understand this whole thing
(myself): what thing?
Joy Johnson: what u talking about]
Joy Johnson: the webpage
(myself): oh
Joy Johnson: or what?
(myself): i didn't meant that you actually read it 
(myself): i just wanted to see if it loads properly now

(myself): sorry
Joy Johnson: ok
(myself): are you home?
(myself): i mean.. in the hotel
Joy Johnson: hotel
Joy Johnson: yeah.i just wsanted to know if u will be sending me some cash
(myself): how?
Joy Johnson: western union ....u know any western union around u
(myself): and which w.u. are you at?
(myself): do i need a city/ office number?
Joy Johnson: No u dont i will give u the whole infou need
Joy Johnson: you can send the money in the hotels managers name
(myself): well, what's the hotel's name then? and/or the manager's name
(myself): sorry for the huge font
Joy Johnson: Receivers Name:Mercy Gray
Address:12 hotel road.
Zipcode/city code:23401
Western union security question and answer:
Qfavourite colour
Joy Johnson: Receivers Name:Mercy Gray
Address:12 hotel road.
Zipcode/city code:23401
Western union security question and answer:

Qfavourite colour
A: Pink
Joy Johnson: thats the ifo
(myself): ok
Joy Johnson: info
Joy Johnson: do u know western union agent location
(myself): here in my area?
(myself): not from the top of my head
Joy Johnson: u
(myself): i need to look
Joy Johnson: u can give me your address i will find one for u
(myself): don't worry
(myself): i can find it
Joy Johnson: how will u do that
(myself): google
(myself): so how do i know you are really joy johnson
and not just someone making up things?
Joy Johnson: Babe can u just trust me and u see me once i get

to the bay area cos i will foward u my flight info
(myself): how much $ do you need anyway?
Joy Johnson: :$750
(myself): what is the company's name that you work for?
Joy Johnson: i told u yesterday united gemstones.........u dont 
need it to send it ok
Joy Johnson: babe trust me
(myself): oh right, i could not find anything on the web 
about 'united gemstones' either, but they are in Lagos, maybe that helps
Joy Johnson: dont worry just to western union agent location
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: what cirt are u in the bay area
(myself): capitola
Joy Johnson: ok.hold
Joy Johnson: is this ur zip code 95010 
Joy Johnson: ???
Joy Johnson: joyee201: is this ur zip code 95010 
joyee201: ???
Joy Johnson: are u there???
(myself): yes
(myself): 95010
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: 1475 41ST AVENUE   
Joy Johnson: do u know this address
(myself): Sorry Joy, I just don't believe that you are in 
Lagos, Nigeria. I think you're in London, England
Joy Johnson: peter u r so funny
(myself): and yes, that Western Union on 41st Avenue is only 
a few minutes from me.. what's funny?
Joy Johnson: cos u said i am in england....maybe next year i should 
go to london
Joy Johnson: u mean u have that location close to u
Joy Johnson: ????
(myself): yes, that western union.. maybe a quarter 
mile from my house
(myself): i know it
Joy Johnson: babe i think it will be better u send the money
now because of the time difference
(myself): no way.. you need to give me some reason to believe 
you.. I mean.. I WANT to believe you.. but there's evidence that you
 are not in Nigeria, sorry
(myself): give me one reason that shows me you're  really over 
there and not in the UK or somewhere in the USA
Joy Johnson: the one reason is that am going to pick
 the money up myself
(myself): i need to know a bit more about you
Joy Johnson: u did already......dont be silly peter....dont tell
 me u dont know the first thing about me
Joy Johnson: 
(myself): not really that much.. you've got a daughter, work
 for united gemstones, stepfather is your boss (right?), doesn't 
send you money (allowance instead of paycheck - strange concept),
 you recently came from Barcelona/ Spain to Lagos/ Nigeria
(myself): did i forget anything?
Joy Johnson: No.....what else peter....cant u just trust me for
 .... i will never disappoint u
(myself): why do you stay in Lagos if you don't get paid anyway?
Joy Johnson: i dont stay here,am heree temporary cos my step dad wants
me there......its not want i want,i just have to
Joy Johnson: peter
Joy Johnson: If I ever saw an angel, it was in your eyes
(myself): hm, that's a nice one
(myself): did my eyes reflect and you saw yourself?
(myself): i've got an idea
(myself): is the 750 for the hotel?
Joy Johnson: eah
Joy Johnson: yeah
Joy Johnson: Jede Minute, die ich mit Ihnen aufwende, ist wie Sein im 
Himmel und das Schauen in den Augen eines Engels
Joy Johnson: u know thats the truth
(myself): i could make a credit card payment to that hotel to 
cover your bill
Joy Johnson: no....u cant...cos the whole of 750 is not for the hotel
Joy Johnson: ok....u just have to rush to western union....ok
Joy Johnson: do u have he info writen down
Joy Johnson: ??????
(myself): i cannot leave right now
(myself): i'm waiting for someone
(myself): it's 6:15pm
(myself): they're probably closed already anyway
Joy Johnson: no they close for 7pm....u can just rush ok....peter 
do this for me now
Joy Johnson: ok.....i can get everything cleared tomorrow morning
Joy Johnson: it will only take 7mins or less for western union to 
send the money
(myself): my friend is on the way right now
Joy Johnson: it dosent matter.since u r not going to take more than 
10mins in western union...he can just wait for u
Joy Johnson: PLEASE
Joy Johnson: RITE AID #5966
1475 41ST AVENUE   
Tuesday 8:00am - 9:00pm 
Joy Johnson: u can just rush down and you wont take much time
Joy Johnson: PLEASE
(myself): I know the place, I go there twice a week.. 
(myself): why not a credit card payment?
Joy Johnson: it cant be sent
Joy Johnson: just go ok...for me peter
(myself): what is the $ for if not for the hotel?
Joy Johnson: for the hotel bill ,transportation cost.....
and medical checkup because of the weather here
Joy Johnson: ok.babe just try and go huh
(myself): nah, i don't feel as if i could quite trust 
you yet
Joy Johnson: matbe u will trust me and more about me,as
 soon as i get to the state
Joy Johnson: and peter if u say u dont trust me yet i understand
......but u just have to consider my situation and me myself i
 promise never to let u down
Joy Johnson: Promise
Joy Johnson: are u there???
(myself): yes
(myself): phone
(myself): look
Joy Johnson: look what???
(myself): according to my info you're either in
 Cape Missouri or London
(myself): and you give me absolutely no reason why
 i should believe that you're in lagos

(myself): not even a hotel's name
(myself): or a phone #
Joy Johnson: ay hotels.....manager s # (+234)8053601940
Joy Johnson: +234 country phone  code
Joy Johnson: what about this
Joy Johnson: ???
(myself): yeah?
Joy Johnson: didu get it
(myself): the number is busy
(myself): which room are you in?
Joy Johnson: busy...maybe its the network
Joy Johnson: executive room 1
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: did u call d # again
(myself): that number is in Lagos?
Joy Johnson: yeah
(myself): area code is 805 ?
(myself): because i thought Lagos is area code 1
(myself): sweety, you need to improve
Joy Johnson: for landlines i think
Joy Johnson: 01 is for the land lines....the number i 
gave u is a mobile # peter
Joy Johnson: thats why u need the +234 b4 dailing 8053601940
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: peter can u tell me whats on your mind
Joy Johnson: cos........its like u dont even want
 to take me for my words
Joy Johnson: Why?
(myself): sorry
Joy Johnson: u not answering me
(myself): my friend was at the door
(myself): joy i need to go now
(myself): i cannot call that number again, my friend and i are going out
Joy Johnson: ok
(myself): i'll try in a few hours when i'm back
Joy Johnson: ok
(myself): see, i need to verify that what you tell me
 is true.. ideally also that you are really that hot chick in 
those photos, but that's probably impossible to prove
Joy Johnson: lol......why not
(myself): hm, can you mail another photo of yourself?
Joy Johnson: believe me or noy ,its joy in the pic
(myself): well, are YOU Joy then?
Joy Johnson: i will............will u send on ur way back
(myself): bye-bye
Joy Johnson: bye-bye

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2006-07-16, 19:28:38
anonymous from United States  
i recently met a 'Harry Dickson' on a singles dating site. He had a picture of a hite-man, grey-hair with glasses about age 55. He was widowed with a 13 yr old who was on business in Nigeria as an architect. He fell in love with me from day 1 and said I was his soul mate. I told him to calm down and that couldn't be true so soon. We corresponded for about 1 month and then he sent me an emergency e-mail and 3 IMs to please call him which I did using a cheap phone card. He told me his son 'Charlie' had been beaten up while he was at the jobsite and he was also robbed of everything. The guy was crying and crying he was afraid to loose his son. Now, I had a son who died to an illness so this touched my heart needless to say. He asked if I could please send $850 by western union so he could pay the hospital and doctor and vitamins. I was very hesitant in doing so. I asked for his address in the US and he provided me with a valid address as I had called the police in that town while I was on IM with him. I was still hesitant in doing so but I eventually sent the money. I was sick after I did so thinking this may be a scam. He wrote and told me that he received the money. I did not send it to him but to the name of Chima cant remember the last name in Lagos Nigeria. ow he is telling me that someone in the US owes him money $55,000 and wants to know if the man can send me a bank draft and could I please send him $5,000 of the money so he can buy a plane ticket to come home and time is of the essence as he wants to come home badly. I told him I was not comfortable with the situation. I did some investigating on-line and found out that these are all scams and I called Western Union and told them about this. They said this man I sent the money to had other people this past week also send him money. They put him down on the list of scammers so no one else can send money using a credit card but can only send cash to him They told me that as soon as I receive the bank draft to notify the U.S. Postal Service who will investigate this as mail fraud. That is about all you can do. So, I enourage him up until that point and then eliminate this snake from my life. His e-mail address is He writes beautifully and must copy his e-mails and love letters from someplace because they are very nice and touching.
2006-07-18, 22:25:26
anonymous from Nigeria  
Hello, beware of Mary Joy Morton. She wants to have a 3,000 Dollar ring and live in a 241,000Dollar house. She needs some explaining to do as regards her ambitions that's why she will have no one love her. Guys be careful!!!
2006-07-19, 11:11:13
anonymous from United States  
I was contacted by a man by the name of Kary Walters, aka Nelson McDaniels on He claims to live in MN, or Albany New Yok and is a construction engineer, on he is know as karycares90 and gudtimesinlove. He contacted me first under Karycares. He claims to be divorced, or his wife died, in any way his physical descpiptions are the same under either name. His yahoo ids are kary_walters and mggn_365. He says he is working either in S. Africa or Nigeria. At first i was believing him till he asked me to cash a check for me. BEWARE!!!!

2006-07-21, 17:01:27
anonymous from United States  
i have lots of pictures and lots of emails, and yahoo id's if you want them i will add,
ok here goes {fanny anacion, kate_mm4, Laura frantz,lindsy berry, marry_laura,ruth tender, adrian russels,alexix smith, lilly white, lyn pang an, there must be hundreds, of them,

2006-07-21, 17:01:55
anonymous from United States  
here is another

Keywords: brunette black dress glasses chair
2006-07-21, 17:04:13
anonymous from United States  

2006-07-21, 17:04:34
anonymous from United States  
2006-07-21, 17:06:18
anonymous from United States  
they have invaded, and other sites, probably acn also who knows

2006-07-22, 14:21:09 from United States  
Beward of Frank Powell a.ka., Joel Collins, a.ka. whoever.

This guy tried to sell me a story that his mother was ill and he needed $300 to get her an operation. Well, when I refused and told him what I thought of men who asked women from money, he got pissed. But then tried again, by telling me he'd send me a check. This is the address he gave: 4 CHURCHHILL AVE. BARIGA, LAGOS NIGERIA 23401. His email address was, but I've reported him, so hopefully they'll delete that account. The number he called me from was 011-234-8020337331
This image was also posted here:
Scam artist Joel David Collins from Lansing, Michigan
Scam artist Joel David Collins from Lansing, Michigan
Scam artist Joel David Collins from Lansing, Michigan
Scam artist Joel David Collins from Lansing, Michigan
Scam artist Joel David Collins from Lansing, Michigan

Keywords: guy
2006-07-22, 21:24:58
anonymous from United Kingdom  
spoke to this 1 24th july 2006 poor has a sick mother, kind dammy has travelled to africa to help her mom raise funds for her operation, dammy needed 1000usdollars, she has already raised 570, but now she has to raise the rest buy selling her clothes and jewelry, LMAO dammy says shes native american and went to university in Italy, within 30 minutes she asked me if i would like to marry her, I said sure ok LOL. 2 minutes later i was told i couldnt look after her properly cos i wouldnt send her money for poor old mommas 'gold bladder operation' (nice spelling dammy), then i asked how old is dear old mom, dammy said she was the only child, her mom gave birth to her wen she was 34 and is now 55, that would make dammy 21, (nice counting dammy) hey your profile says 27... :P, Then dammy said send it to me for God, oh and guess what dammy doesnt have a webcam or a microphone... has terrible english/spelling for a native american too... (anyway tommorow im gonna tell dammy that god came to me in a dream lastnite and said to pay your new wife to be 1000usdollars, ill ask her for her western union details and report that name so at least they blok 1 more false i.d. ive been hit by 4 scammers in last two weeks lol, i play there game for a while collect there phone numbers and western union i.d.s and hand themon to FBI nigerian fraud squad...LOL -i doubt they do anything anyway are probably in on it. at least western union will blok the i.d.s from being used so makes them go get another 1 forged up :-) next two or three posts will be some more fresh i.d.s and bullshit stories
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Evelyn Robert from Lagos, Nigeria (modified photo)
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection (modified photo)
Scammer Jessy John (sweetjessy_24k on (modified photo)

Keywords: black girl cap
2006-07-22, 21:48:13
anonymous from United Kingdom  
to avoid confusion I will refer this scammer as a female, although i believe he is in fact a male posing to be a woman

Nickname: (lexydipe lexydip (possibly also lexyslimz) - web handles) Telephone numbers this scammer used or uses:
+2348033295870 (+23418709810 - this ones a landline number perhaps the feds may want to look at this one :-) )+2348033187659 +2348058099843 (+12017938959 number of a fellow scammer based in USA -
lexy asks you to call them for her -(to make her story sound more genuine). Olalekan ogundipe is the name of the person who draws
any money you may send to her from western union. Olalekan also fraudulently produces cheques and may ask you to bank it for her and perhaps send her some money in advance while the fake cheque is
clearing/ -actually waiting to bounce. After a bit of internet digging i found this address and number which i believe was or maybee is valid
The FBI or any authority that may wish to pursue this scammer could track them through this link http://www.onlineni..irst=1014

Lexy does this scamming as a full time profession and operates from nigeria, lagos, yaba, abeokuta region
and has several listings on various sites she may claim to reside in USA new york living in Jamaica, New York,
new jersey, london and i assume many more

Lexy chats via yahoo with differnt i.d's i believe she creates new yahoo i.d.s after she has been exposed
If you question or accuse her of being a fraud even when you have blatent proof she will never admit it,
If you ask to chat via webcam she may tell you the computer is very old and doesnt have usb connections etc..
When she first introduces herself to you she may pretend to have money and be in a modelling/ beauty pagent career
which is all expenses paid by her agent / agency. she may spend time getting to know you before a series of unfortunate events happen to her
she may even send you flowers, twice even to prove herself, i have not traced these but i suspect they are purchased with a stolen credit card number.
She will do this to gain your trust. A story of how her luggage was stolen and she now has no money to pay her hotel manager may be used, and now the hotel manager is holding her passport until
all or part of the hotel fees are paid. she may tell you that she also has no money for food and is stuck in hotel, and she is bound to get sick, maybee maleria and she need money for medicine
so she doesnt die, she may also say that there are no internet cafes in her area as it is a poor region, if you start to question her about her home town back in usa she will pause for some time
before answering, as she surfs the net for the answer in google her english grammar and spelling will be very poor, she will cry when u say you dont have faith in her, she may beg and plead for the smallest amount,
she will play on your guilt and use reverse psychology often, all in the pursuit of whatever she can scrouge from you. Quotes how god sent her to you thank the lord. may offer to marry you, she will definately tell u she is in love with you
claim to be a good christian girl, she may say her ex boyfriend cheated on her and broke her heart, and cheated with her best friend causing her to lose her whole social circle- so they cant help her out either. And mum and dad well
they are very old and live in a pesioners flat thay have very little money and Lexy has been supporting them for years now. Lexy will use every trick in the book to try and fool you, she has alot of experince at this and her storoies will be very rich, she
will tell you pretty much anything you could imagine to build an image in your mind of the perfect woman. Often she will claim that money isnt important to her. Since meeting me the olalekan ogundipe identity has been reported as a fraud and blocked from use with western union - criminal charges will be pending, so shes bound to move onto another identity probably a false passport im posting this to various anti scamming sites and authorities in the help that if her next potential victim will do a search of her/his name and find this post. To any people out there doing the internet dating thing stay well clear of russia or Nigeria and if you are suspicous then you are probaly 90% right in your suspicion

2006-07-23, 15:09:37
anonymous from United States  
Well well well
I must say that I have seen a few of these photos posted here before. There is a popular dating site (I don't know if I can say the name) that is a haven for these folks. They all seem to have professionally done or retouched photos. Strange for people who are broke. I have heard everything from the hotel holding my passport and won't let them leave until the bill is paid to the most recent -send me some money $250 so that I can pay my internet bill so that we can continue to talk online, and thiswas after 10 min of chatting. Expensive monthly fee for dial up servise don't you think. All that I have encountered were from Lagos, Nigeria except for one who was a art buyer from South she says. This is definately a problem that needs to be addressed. Always remember, if it does not feel right is not.
2006-07-23, 17:02:36
[hidden] from United States  
I have ran into the same as everyone posting here. This ones name said it was Trecy Jones

viviansweetlove (11:27:19 AM): hi
journeybeyond (11:27:25 AM): Hi
viviansweetlove (11:27:55 AM): honey it been so sad over here
journeybeyond (11:28:19 AM): really, what happened?
journeybeyond (11:28:30 AM): Are you okay?
viviansweetlove (11:28:37 AM): i think i told you all that inmyspace
viviansweetlove (11:28:45 AM): am not i dont wanna die
journeybeyond (11:28:47 AM): Where do you live?
viviansweetlove (11:29:15 AM): dont you read my mail inmyspace
viviansweetlove (11:29:17 AM): that i sent to you
journeybeyond (11:29:45 AM): Oh, your the girl that got robbed
journeybeyond (11:30:15 AM): I didn't see Trecy Jones there
journeybeyond (11:30:40 AM): you had your money stolen
viviansweetlove (11:30:59 AM): yes
journeybeyond (11:31:20 AM): sorry to here about that
journeybeyond (11:31:25 AM): Where do you live at?
viviansweetlove (11:31:28 AM): thanks
viviansweetlove (11:31:39 AM): are you serious with me
viviansweetlove (11:31:53 AM): well am stay with am old woman
viviansweetlove (11:31:59 AM): in virginia
viviansweetlove (11:32:00 AM): richmond
journeybeyond (11:32:11 AM): Oh, okay
journeybeyond (11:32:17 AM): in the US
viviansweetlove (11:32:33 AM): yea
journeybeyond (11:32:59 AM): were you born and raised here
viviansweetlove (11:33:17 AM): in richmond
journeybeyond (11:33:30 AM): cool
journeybeyond (11:34:13 AM): Did you contact the police and make a police report
viviansweetlove (11:34:58 AM): yes i did but ther was nothing they culd do about that
journeybeyond (11:35:31 AM): sorry to here that
journeybeyond2001 (11:36:36 AM): how are you surviving, are you working?
viviansweetlove (11:36:42 AM): thanks that why i need ur help to come back home
journeybeyond (11:37:04 AM): where is home at
journeybeyond (11:37:22 AM): richmond
viviansweetlove (11:37:41 AM): i stay in the hotel over here i promised to pay them back if they culd allow me to use the internet
viviansweetlove (11:37:56 AM): yes i live at richmond
viviansweetlove (11:38:26 AM): which they allow me to use the hotel laptop over here to contect you
journeybeyond (11:39:08 AM): and where are you trying to get to
viviansweetlove (11:39:43 AM): i promised to pay them up i had to pay for the hotel bills and get a retune ticket
viviansweetlove (11:39:51 AM): but i dont have money rigth here
journeybeyond (11:40:15 AM): where is your home at
journeybeyond (11:40:36 AM): you said that your in richmond
journeybeyond (11:40:58 AM): in another state
viviansweetlove (11:41:26 AM): can you help me out of here i promised my self any man that gonna help me out of here is gonna be my husband
journeybeyond (11:44:40 AM): where are you trying to get to
viviansweetlove (11:49:11 AM): i do wanna get married
viviansweetlove (11:49:31 AM): my home is richmond
viviansweetlove (11:49:32 AM): but i dont wanna go back there
viviansweetlove (11:49:41 AM): i dont mind coming to ur place
journeybeyond (11:51:53 AM): Where are you at rite now?
viviansweetlove (11:52:56 AM): my hotel bills is 550$
viviansweetlove (11:53:21 AM): which i had to pay off before they culd allow me go and the flite ticket 1250$
journeybeyond (11:53:49 AM): where are you rite now
viviansweetlove (11:54:26 AM): am in the hotel room in west african
journeybeyond (11:55:19 AM): whats your address and real name
journeybeyond (11:55:35 AM): do you have a phone
viviansweetlove (11:56:38 AM): westernunion money transfer
viviansweetlove (11:56:43 AM): can you do that rigth now
journeybeyond (11:57:44 AM): not rite this minute, but if you tell me all your information. I can try to help you
journeybeyond (12:00:43 PM): you are hesitant about giving me your information
viviansweetlove (12:01:45 PM): nop am here i will give to you okay
viviansweetlove (12:04:40 PM): do you trust me
journeybeyond (12:05:19 PM): I want more information
viviansweetlove (12:06:12 PM): okay i will tell you all my address
journeybeyond (12:07:26 PM): your information
viviansweetlove (12:07:28 PM): here is my home address
viviansweetlove (12:07:30 PM): 23219 RICHMOND 546 Walnut Grove Drive
viviansweetlove (12:08:23 PM): here is the hotel information were you have to send the money okay
viviansweetlove (12:08:26 PM): THE RECEIVERS NAME:ADEJARE OWOLABI
ZIP CODE:23401
viviansweetlove (12:09:58 PM): assept
viviansweetlove (12:10:36 PM): what information
viviansweetlove (12:13:50 PM): well i no it had to trsut some one you never seen before i promise if you help me i will do what ever you won me too
journeybeyond (12:14:19 PM): Okay
viviansweetlove (12:14:54 PM): pls beleive me that all about me my home address that all i have rigth here
viviansweetlove (12:15:03 PM): can you mail the hotel maneger
journeybeyond (12:16:03 PM): how did you get to Nigeria and who is Adejare Owolabi
viviansweetlove (12:16:28 PM): that the hotel maneger
viviansweetlove (12:16:31 PM): address
viviansweetlove (12:16:38 PM): coz it the hotel bill
viviansweetlove (12:17:16 PM): here is the mail addres
viviansweetlove (12:17:23 PM): that the mail address
journeybeyond (12:17:30 PM): okay
viviansweetlove (12:18:19 PM): will you mail hom now
journeybeyond (12:18:39 PM): what is your real name? Is it Trecy Jones?
viviansweetlove (12:19:08 PM): first name vivian
viviansweetlove (12:19:15 PM): last tracy
viviansweetlove (12:19:23 PM): trecy
journeybeyond (12:19:31 PM): okay
viviansweetlove (12:19:42 PM): my fathers name is jones
journeybeyond (12:20:08 PM): okay
viviansweetlove (12:20:15 PM): but you have to use the information i gave to you to send the money okay
journeybeyond (12:20:55 PM): what is the name of the Hotel
viviansweetlove (12:21:08 PM): when you send the money you will mail me all the information given to you so i willm give it to them okay
viviansweetlove (12:21:15 PM): so they will get the money rigth\
journeybeyond (12:22:29 PM): okay
viviansweetlove (12:22:42 PM): i swear to you am for real okay
journeybeyond (12:22:48 PM): okay
viviansweetlove (12:23:00 PM): promise me you will do that honey
journeybeyond (12:23:11 PM): okay
viviansweetlove (12:23:31 PM): so when are you going to send the money coz i have to know
journeybeyond (12:24:11 PM): how much is your Hotel bill
viviansweetlove (12:24:23 PM): okay 600$
viviansweetlove (12:24:29 PM): but i have to get some food
journeybeyond (12:24:52 PM): and will they give you more time
viviansweetlove (12:25:07 PM): sure if i want
viviansweetlove (12:27:30 PM): so when are you goin to send the money
viviansweetlove (12:29:57 PM): coz i need some little money to get some food can you pls send that to me
viviansweetlove (12:30:01 PM): rigth now
viviansweetlove (12:30:25 PM): ?/////

journeybeyond (7:02:18 PM): Hi

viviansweetlove (7:02:55 PM): hi babe
journeybeyond (7:03:09 PM): hello
journeybeyond (7:03:29 PM): how are you doing?
viviansweetlove (7:04:14 PM): babe the hotel maneger said his gonna stop my feedin tomm that i must get his bills paid that hi does not wann loos his job
journeybeyond (7:05:30 PM): so who is getting the money
journeybeyond (7:06:00 PM): the maneger
viviansweetlove (7:07:16 PM): you can send anything to that information i gave to you i will follow them to westernunion to get the money so i will give the some and have some fo my feeding
journeybeyond (7:09:17 PM): western union will need all information (Identification numbers an ID and a password) etc.
viviansweetlove (7:09:47 PM): know honey that all you need to send the money
viviansweetlove (7:11:25 PM): jsut go to westernunion tell them you wanna send money to ur wife
viviansweetlove (7:11:49 PM): they will give you a papar and you will fell in the information i gave to you that all honey
journeybeyond (7:11:53 PM): but its to a guys name and not yours
viviansweetlove (7:11:55 PM): beleive me okay
viviansweetlove (7:12:14 PM): use it for the hotel i promise the money will get to me okay
journeybeyond (7:12:57 PM): send money to that guy
journeybeyond (7:14:19 PM): you don't have identification
viviansweetlove (7:14:30 PM): use the information i gave to you okay that how the money will get to me okay am sceard i dont wanna go out any more i dont wanana be kiiled
journeybeyond (7:15:33 PM): how can that happen, there are no police there
viviansweetlove (7:16:09 PM): honey beleive me it bad people down here
viviansweetlove (7:16:23 PM): that how they stole my money all they thing i have
journeybeyond (7:16:25 PM): you don't have relatives there
viviansweetlove (7:16:40 PM): i take my puse away
journeybeyond (7:16:57 PM): do you have any family there
journeybeyond (7:17:06 PM): or friends
viviansweetlove (7:18:42 PM): are you sending the money
viviansweetlove (7:18:57 PM): i dont have any one that why i work to have money
journeybeyond (7:19:29 PM): okay, I understand
viviansweetlove (7:20:40 PM): i know it had to beleive some you have not meat before but am not like oder girls that if you help them they will never come to you
journeybeyond (7:20:41 PM): you trust that man that works there. How do you know that he will not take the money like those other guys that took your purse
viviansweetlove (7:20:51 PM): i promise you i keep my promise okay
viviansweetlove (7:21:30 PM): coz you will give me the information when you send the money i will give it to him my self okay
viviansweetlove (7:21:41 PM): dont worry about that okay
journeybeyond (7:22:29 PM): do you have any ID
viviansweetlove (7:22:34 PM): honey beleive me his very good his be kind to me
viviansweetlove (7:24:22 PM): honey i have to get some money tomm for my feeding that why am here
journeybeyond (7:25:15 PM): I understand you.
viviansweetlove (7:25:38 PM): you can send some of it okay
viviansweetlove (7:25:46 PM): can you send it rigth now
journeybeyond (7:25:55 PM): BRB, phone call
viviansweetlove (7:26:33 PM): honey pls send some of the money rigth now
viviansweetlove (7:28:37 PM): are you gonna do tha rigth now
journeybeyond (8:00:46 PM): That was a friend
viviansweetlove (8:01:15 PM): okay honey
viviansweetlove (8:02:21 PM): honey promise me you will not break my heart
journeybeyond (8:02:30 PM): I will contact you when I have more information
viviansweetlove (8:02:51 PM): how much you have rigth now
viviansweetlove (8:03:04 PM): how much doller you have
viviansweetlove (8:04:05 PM): try if you can get up too 200$ okay
viviansweetlove (8:04:14 PM): send it as soon you get it okay
viviansweetlove (8:04:29 PM): what ur time babe
journeybeyond (8:04:52 PM): its 8:04pm here rite now
journeybeyond (8:05:03 PM): night time
journeybeyond (8:05:21 PM): what time is it there
viviansweetlove (8:05:21 PM): okat first thing tomm you will send as you have okay
viviansweetlove (8:06:32 PM): it 4am
journeybeyond (8:06:38 PM): wow
journeybeyond (8:06:45 PM): big time dif
viviansweetlove (8:07:15 PM): honey am thinking what the am gonna eat today will i will; wait for you okay
journeybeyond (8:07:26 PM): okay
journeybeyond (8:07:43 PM): will that guy help you
viviansweetlove (8:08:40 PM): his have been trying to help me with food all the oder thing like intenet stuff as i was talking to you
viviansweetlove (8:08:52 PM): but he does not want to lost his job
viviansweetlove (8:09:15 PM): i no honey but am a debitor you no that
viviansweetlove (8:09:22 PM): i own them money
journeybeyond (8:09:26 PM): I understand
viviansweetlove (8:09:47 PM): i love you thanks for ur caring honey
journeybeyond (8:10:15 PM): maybe he will let you do some work there for him, cleaning rooms or something to help him
viviansweetlove (8:10:36 PM): well i dont no if he can
viviansweetlove (8:10:53 PM): honey you have any bank account
journeybeyond (8:11:07 PM): I would try anything if I was in your situation
journeybeyond (8:11:14 PM): yes I do
journeybeyond (8:12:15 PM): checking,savings and visa
viviansweetlove (8:12:40 PM): coz i have a friend in new zealand she own me some money it veru big amount
journeybeyond (8:12:41 PM): and my sister
journeybeyond (8:13:26 PM): If she can put it in my account I could send it to you
viviansweetlove (8:13:28 PM): may be i will contect her if she can transfer the money to ur accout
journeybeyond (8:13:45 PM): yea, that would work
journeybeyond (8:13:59 PM): does she go on-line
journeybeyond (8:14:05 PM): or have a phone
viviansweetlove (8:14:10 PM): in what bank honey
journeybeyond (8:14:25 PM): Bank of America
viviansweetlove (8:15:00 PM): okay i will mail her so i will tell her to transfer the money to ur accout
journeybeyond (8:15:14 PM): okay
viviansweetlove (8:15:35 PM): i will use the money to pay for my goods over here
viviansweetlove (8:15:49 PM): so you will get me the hotel bills okay
journeybeyond (8:15:57 PM): okay
viviansweetlove (8:15:59 PM): what about my flite ticket
viviansweetlove (8:16:26 PM): will you send that to me too
viviansweetlove (8:16:47 PM): 1250$
journeybeyond (8:16:53 PM): how much does your friend have of yours
viviansweetlove (8:17:05 PM): hotel bill 760$
viviansweetlove (8:17:18 PM): i dont no yet
journeybeyond (8:17:21 PM): is that $1,250.00 dollars
viviansweetlove (8:17:34 PM): yeap
viviansweetlove (8:17:45 PM): it alot of money honey
journeybeyond (8:18:15 PM): I know it is
viviansweetlove (8:18:59 PM): all 2000 dollers for all my bill okay
viviansweetlove (8:19:04 PM): you send as you have okay
journeybeyond (8:19:05 PM): with the Hotel thats $2,010.00 dollars
viviansweetlove (8:19:25 PM): yeap
journeybeyond (8:20:07 PM): I would have to win the lottery
journeybeyond (8:20:22 PM): or find your purse
viviansweetlove (8:20:28 PM): we will sovle it all alon
viviansweetlove (8:20:34 PM): what you mean lol
journeybeyond (8:20:41 PM): lol
journeybeyond (8:21:07 PM): the lottery is millions of dollars
viviansweetlove (8:21:32 PM): what lottery
viviansweetlove (8:21:46 PM): honey dont you have a credit card
journeybeyond (8:22:06 PM): would probably be easyer for me to find the people that took your purse than to win
journeybeyond (8:22:51 PM): I do
journeybeyond (8:23:14 PM): I have already used it up on other things
viviansweetlove (8:23:33 PM): honey promise me you will help me back home
viviansweetlove (8:25:30 PM): okay honey so what are you up to rigth now
journeybeyond (8:25:49 PM): just sitting here writing to you
journeybeyond (8:26:10 PM): in my bedroom computer
viviansweetlove (8:26:35 PM): so what are you goin to now'
journeybeyond (8:27:32 PM): I am not sure yet
viviansweetlove (8:28:39 PM): but tomm when will you send me some you no if you send me money you will mail the information rigth
journeybeyond (8:29:02 PM): yes
viviansweetlove (8:30:08 PM): when will you send the money
journeybeyond (8:30:33 PM): I have to get some first
viviansweetlove (8:30:35 PM): ????
viviansweetlove (8:30:46 PM): what time are you sending the money
journeybeyond (8:31:30 PM): Its impossible for me to know the exact time of when I will have it in my hands
viviansweetlove (8:31:55 PM): but you sure that you gonna have some ?
viviansweetlove (8:32:17 PM): coz i have to get some food and give dem some of my bills so i culd be allowed to talk to you
journeybeyond (8:33:29 PM): well try to contact the person that owes you money and we can try to transfer it to my acount
viviansweetlove (8:33:51 PM): alrigth
journeybeyond (8:33:52 PM): that will help
viviansweetlove (8:34:03 PM): i need the account details you no that
journeybeyond (8:34:51 PM): of course I know that, I am not a dumb
viviansweetlove (8:34:57 PM): mail it to my mail box
viviansweetlove (8:35:16 PM):
viviansweetlove (8:35:29 PM): ??
journeybeyond (8:37:13 PM): I will send that information when you contact the person that owes you the money
viviansweetlove (8:37:14 PM): ???
viviansweetlove (8:37:44 PM): what do you mean
journeybeyond (8:38:09 PM): dumb people
journeybeyond (8:38:19 PM): no brains
journeybeyond (8:38:29 PM): stupid
journeybeyond (8:38:38 PM): that kind of person
journeybeyond (8:38:48 PM): I am not
journeybeyond (8:39:02 PM): thats what I was trying to tell you
viviansweetlove (8:39:08 PM): i dont understand what you mean
journeybeyond (8:39:37 PM): I know what I am doing. I am trying to tell you
viviansweetlove (8:40:41 PM): you mean am lying to you or what
journeybeyond (8:41:54 PM): It is hard for me to know from here
viviansweetlove (8:42:19 PM): that the problem now
viviansweetlove (8:42:28 PM): you dont even trsut me
viviansweetlove (8:42:40 PM): so why i am here
journeybeyond (8:42:49 PM): In your profile there is no information
viviansweetlove (8:43:18 PM): so you dont trsut me now r what
viviansweetlove (8:44:24 PM): i told you that am now to internet stuff am not used to browsing stuff well it up to you if you really wanna help me i have try my best to make you understand my feeling if you i have rigth now
viviansweetlove (8:44:29 PM): dont let me die
viviansweetlove (8:44:43 PM): but if you wishes to let it go
journeybeyond (8:45:08 PM): it is hard for me to trust you. Thats why I don't and will not give out my bank information
journeybeyond (8:45:36 PM): I don't wish that upon anyone
viviansweetlove (8:46:43 PM): so what ur plan rigth now
journeybeyond (8:47:56 PM): I said: If you contact your friend that owes you the money then we will talk about sending the money to my account
viviansweetlove (8:48:26 PM): okay
viviansweetlove (8:54:16 PM): you dont trsut me tell me you make me sad rigth now
viviansweetlove (8:54:36 PM): i have never beleive you culd rejet me like thes
journeybeyond (8:56:35 PM): I am not rejecting you, I am just telling you the way I feel and being honest with you. If you wanted me to lie to you. How would you know what is the truth and what is a lie?
viviansweetlove (8:58:42 PM): so are you gonna help me with my bills or what are you saying
journeybeyond (8:59:00 PM): Some people out there don't have any feelings about lieing and it must be very easy for them and I am not that kind of person to take advantage of other people
viviansweetlove (8:59:16 PM): okay
journeybeyond (9:04:42 PM): I have only talked to you for a very short time, but I said that I will try to help you with your situation. It would be great if we knew eachother for a long time. But at this time, I am just some words being typed out on this computer.
viviansweetlove (9:06:15 PM): uhh'
journeybeyond (9:06:30 PM): Anyone can get pictures off the internet and pretend to be someone they are not, to get money, bank information and anything they can to use another person
viviansweetlove (9:07:30 PM): i no that but it really bad
viviansweetlove (9:07:40 PM): dont give any one ur money okay
journeybeyond (9:08:12 PM): And I don't think it is rite to do that to anyone. If you dissagree with me, than maybe you are one of them persons.
viviansweetlove (9:09:33 PM): hey what the hell are you tring to say that i tolk ur moneu or what i dont blam you coz i lost my parent
viviansweetlove (9:09:45 PM): i was robed
viviansweetlove (9:09:52 PM): well live me alone
journeybeyond (9:09:54 PM): I have lost mine also
viviansweetlove (9:09:58 PM): jsut go away
journeybeyond (9:11:33 PM): I am sorry you feel that way, but I have to tell you the truth. I told you before, try to contact the person that owes you the money and I will transfer the money to you.
viviansweetlove (9:11:56 PM): jsut live me alone
journeybeyond (9:17:21 PM): Does the truth hurt you? I am sorry about telling you my feelings and if you can't handle me telling you the truth of the way I feel than we should'nt talk anymore. But I would still try to help you with your situation if you want me to. Again, I apoligize for upsetting you, I am not trying to do that. I am just telling you the way I feel. If you don't understand thats okay. I wish you well and I hope that you are okay and get money for food and things that you need to survive in this crazy world.
viviansweetlove (9:18:14 PM): :((
viviansweetlove (9:18:25 PM): you make me more sad
viviansweetlove (9:18:38 PM): for the things you said to me'
viviansweetlove (9:18:56 PM): i dont no why all thes thing is happing to me god why me
journeybeyond (9:19:11 PM): I am sorry, did you read everything I wrote
viviansweetlove (9:19:36 PM): yes i did
journeybeyond (9:22:01 PM): If you want me to leave you alone, I will. But I did tell you that I would try to help you.
viviansweetlove (9:23:35 PM): okay i have head you so when you sending the money if you wish i dont wann ask you any more since you dont not trust me
journeybeyond (9:27:28 PM): okay
viviansweetlove (9:27:51 PM): okay i have to sleep now
viviansweetlove (9:28:03 PM): talk to you soon take care of ur self\
journeybeyond (9:28:18 PM): you to, goodnight
journeybeyond (10:03:10 PM): Goodnight
viviansweetlove (10:03:42 PM): my time is 6am now
viviansweetlove (10:13:59 PM):bye

This image was also posted here:
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

2006-07-23, 21:35:30
anonymous from United States  
that is same thing happened to me...i had chat with her for few days until i realize she is scamming people..she said i love you so much..want 750 dollars so she and her son can leave nigeria to go usa.. Never believe the pic that send from nigeria....if you think you are scammed..please go to webmaster and inform them...
2006-07-24, 05:20:51
Thank You very much for your reply i am so greatful that shows you are so serious and i am here to let you know i am also serious hope you gonna take good care of me these is making me really wanna be with you so badly Life is so unpredictable. Changes always come along,in big or small ways.I don't know what happened that this sudden change has turned my world upside down. I don't know exactly what it is, it just hit me, but there is something really special about you.I am still on my knees begging for love, not to a stranger but to one I know ... you. I've been in love and know it's fun. Each night and day I hope and pray that you'll be mine forever more. I know it's hard to trust a man - giving your heart, body and soul, but now it's me that's on my knees swallowing my pride, begging you, please ... once again I say please; be mine. i really need to be loved and not to be dissapointed i can make it to the state real soon if you make things work out fine. thank you..
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Dating scammer Charline Addo from Lagos, Nigeria

Keywords: brunette
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