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Dating scammer terry walker james


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Name: terry walker james



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Gorgeous Guy...his pictures showed Active Duty Army....almost 6' with hazel eyes..many pictures of himself at different ages in civilian and army fatigues.....I fell hard with heart broken and having to file for bankruptcy...would like to hear from any others that might have seen him...He is blonde on the right side of this pix...think it is the one of 2 men standing in a field both wearing Army Fatigues....Terry is the blonde on the right-hand side...Hey, if he really exists and is free and he is not the scammer..i still care for the man portrayed here in th pictures!!!!!!! ellen

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2017-04-19, 20:25:06
anonymous from United States  
Yep he is at it again, got my Face Book page. Sent lots of pictures said he was an Army Major. I kinda of told him I was on to him and he stoped. He might come back with someone else pictures, beware.
2017-07-09, 08:58:33
anonymous from Norwalk, United States  
This scammer is on twitter now. He uses the same pictures and is claiming to be a brigadier general in Afghanistan. He continues with the widower with a daughter tale. He sends what looks to be cut and paste messages. He is pretty talented at what he does in the sense that you want to believe him. I think he has the same accomplices as mentioned above. He impersonates a Larry James who may be a real military officer and uses the name 'James' a lot. This is one email he has

Gen. James Woods....Good day my dear,
How are you doing over there?, My dear just writing to let you know how i feel for you and as they breaks the feelings grows. I just hope you feel the same.
Am really honored and grateful to God bringing us together, i want you to make you happy, though i cant say am perfect and cant tell the future, but i give you my words to stay forever by you , and make you the happiest woman on earth no matter any differences, that is also what i need from you too.
Since we met my life have changed and have been having this feelings in me, that i believe its so real. I will always be open and honest to you my dear and i give you my words never to hurt you..
My dear all i just want is for you to know that, All relationships have some adjustment periods, but being hurt shouldn’t be part of being in love. Loving relationships have good qualities, such as support from your partner, a willingness to communicate, a desire to compromise, and open an honest communication. When you do not have these fundamental qualities in a relationship, that relationship isn’t likely to grow, and become something that you desire.I hope you understand what am trying to say my dear? Hope to hear from you soon my dear...

Gen. James Woods....

2017-08-05, 15:31:33
I too was scammed by this man. He went by SSG James Hawkins deployed to Afghanistan. He told me that he his wife died 5 years earlier and they adopted a son. Then he told me that he had to drop off his son Is Ghana at an orphanage and then he went to Afghanistan. I know for a fact that all that is a lie. He promised me everything under the sun even to the point of meeting my sister. The man in the pictures is a very attractive man and he did treat me well until I refused to send $200 to his 'son' for his birthday he became very hateful, demeaning, cruel and called me every hateful name you can think of. I was even in a car accident when he was blowing up my phone and all he cared about is if I sent the money. This man behind this needs to be caught!

2017-08-12, 21:08:14
Wow I have been talking to someone since Feb of this year. I do believe he knows that he's been found out by me. This has truly been one hell of a ride. I am still in disbelief. I was totally taken in until he could not get anything from me then the insults started. Someone is advising me but my god it must be because of all that has happened in my life that I fell and hard. Now I am playing each time he contacts me. I tell him or them what they want to hear. Of course my stories are all fake. I cannot believe that these people who do this thinks that people are all stupid. We were talking for about a month when shit hit the fan. I decided to look him up and of course never confront them oh hell no how dear you hurt me I have been through hell and here comes this person and literally confesses love and come to find out your are nothing but a scammer. I have plans for this person behind this scam. I wanted to post this as other women too I am sure are still being scammed by this person.
2017-08-22, 07:18:00
anonymous from United States  
It's 2017 and he is trying to hit me up on he is back at it
2017-09-17, 17:30:50
Hello.. now this fool has been trying to contact me but I'm too clever for ignorance so I always upset him. I act like I believe him and then I run him through the mud because he is very disrespectful for what he is doing. He does this once a week to me and I'm always one step ahead of him. I upset him so much that he deletes the whole profile, that is after I've photoshot every conversation we have. He claims he is now in San Antonio Tx and is widowed with a daughter. He's working for the Military.. lol last time I asked him what base and he said the USA.. lol so I tore him a new A**hole and he became very upset, especially when I told him he was a disgrace to America because he didn't even live in the US. He's going by James Robert now and just sent me a request again, so I'm about to have a little fun because this time, the fool forgot to take off his actual real pics of himself. 😂😂😂 I can spot a fake profile a mile away so feel free to respond or contact me if you need assistance. Have a Blessed day...

2017-09-24, 08:02:55
anonymous from United States  
Just contacted by a Wayn Jay on eHarmony saying he's from Great Falls, MT. I do a reverse image search and come up with 118 matches of scammers. Needless to say, he's been reported.

2017-09-26, 04:24:38
anonymous from United States  
This dude has used more names than letters in the alphabet ! Below this same picture was posted on this site under another name about 5 years ago.

Dating scammer terry walker james - DelphiFAQ

www.delphifaq. com/faq/male_scammers/f8191_1.htm

I have been emailing and IM messaging with Terry Walker James since August 3, .... I could not find anything in the US Army listings about him, Googled him and...

2017-10-13, 16:29:18
2017-10-13, 16:38:53
2017-10-17, 05:10:31
anonymous from Famalico, Portugal  

He is now using several images in Instagram using name DavidaJames9907. Frim USA (LOL) and placed in Syria (peace keeping).

Nine photos he got from this soldier!WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW ......... 9 photos.
This was on 16/10/2017.
Instagram guys!
2017-11-02, 17:58:01
anonymous from United States  
yes her also tried to sweettalk me sent several pictures of himself as a pilot first he was oliviar james scott claimes he was in the sirforce but i ask him why he had a army shirt on said the army was part of the sirforce what a liar talked about sending me a transfer to my bank acct from his but i said no to look for ahouse i also had sam epicture sent of him from someone called jamesare forget last one kept claiming he was scammed so used a friends e-mail what a jerk
2017-11-19, 08:39:30
anonymous from Germany  
I meet this guy in tinder, talked to him via Skype. He made me fall in love with him for he tells words and he shows interest every woman dreams about her whole life.
His story was: Major Sergeant US army, retiring end of November, lost his wife Jenny 3 years ago, his son is in boarding school in London.
I did found him with his birthdate, picture, name, ... on a 'official' US army homepage as a active soldier in Afghanistan.
I even wrote with the 'director' of the school - school exists in London.
Talked to his 'son' via Skype - two other boys were in the room with him.
Then he needed money for he send his life insurance and some army papers back, for he needs to go to one last mission in Afghanistan.
The company name is: Trans Global Freight, perfect homepage, sending contracts, formulas, updates.
Also you get the copy of the diplomatic agent passport.
I lost a lot of money, more than I can ever pay back.
It all was probable and showed to be true, I did not trust so I really googled everything.
This must be a big organization and I hope other women will be smarter than I was.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer terry walker james

2017-11-19, 08:41:19
anonymous from Germany  
/Users/ChristlTesseraux/Desktop/I took this photo on my mission.jpg
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer terry walker james

2017-11-27, 06:47:06
Muriel from Brazil  
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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