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Dating scammer terry walker james


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Name: terry walker james



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Gorgeous Guy...his pictures showed Active Duty Army....almost 6' with hazel eyes..many pictures of himself at different ages in civilian and army fatigues.....I fell hard with heart broken and having to file for bankruptcy...would like to hear from any others that might have seen him...He is blonde on the right side of this pix...think it is the one of 2 men standing in a field both wearing Army Fatigues....Terry is the blonde on the right-hand side...Hey, if he really exists and is free and he is not the scammer..i still care for the man portrayed here in th pictures!!!!!!! ellen

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2011-12-29, 18:54:40
I have been emailing and IM messaging with Terry Walker James since August 3, 2011. He said he is a widower, his wife and only son were killed in an auto accident in 2009. Met on Stands 6 ft tall, hazel eyes, is 58 yrs old, parents are dead and has a brother in Australia, only relative. Says he owns a home in Chattanooga, TN but no court records of that fact. Says he's a First Sgt in Army with Sustainment Brigade (Special Operations) (Airborne) in Special Troops Battalion in Baghdad, Iraq. That group is based out of Fort Bragg, NC for real, but Army doesn't have him listed in their database as a soldier. Very romantic, charming, really draws you in fast. Works with Diplomatic Courier Andrew Vaughan Woolnough in Ghana American Embassey trying to get a consignment box of gold, diamonds, and check for $150,000 to Knoxville, TN for Terry. Andrew is the one asking for money and Terry backs him up. Terry will not put his money into it because he doesn't want to ruin his military career. All money is sent via MoneyGram to contacts for Andrew. He will email and message a lot in the beginning and will send you flowers, ecard romantic type, and then after you have sent over $2,000 to Andrew, he will be gone into a territory that is remote and can't get internet in Afghanistan. Stated that he was retiring after 25 years in military on Sept. 19, but on Sept. 16th on his last mission in Iraq, he was sent on an urgent mission to Afghanistan and stayed there until Dec. 12 th when the mission ended, and then he returned back to Iraq and was with one of the last groups to leave Iraq on Dec. 18, 2011. The picture of Terry Walker James is the one I have of him along with pictures of him standing by a humvee, standing in civilian clothes at office and a picture of him in front of military Sustainment Brigade sign. He is a scammer and please stay away from him. He's a good looking, intelligent, compassionate, heartbreaker and you are reeled in so fast, he's got you hooked before you know it.
2012-03-05, 12:47:16
anonymous from United States  
this guy has been talking to me for the last 6 months, he is stationed in aghastian and is getting to retired from the army , and found me on a dating site, he has told me things that would just make you fall in love with him, I have been dumb enough to send money to Ghana cos his son was sick, and need medication and he wants his son to come live with me until he can be here after he retires....but sometimes he must get confused with his words that he sends me, I have question him serveral times....and then he manages to convince me otherwise....I cant believe i have been this dumb and stupid to fall for such behavior.....well i have learn my lesson!
2012-03-05, 23:25:46
2012-06-04, 19:58:10
anonymous from Canada  
Yes tried to scam me to a James Walker - USA General in Afghanistan- what a joke! Apparently his ex cheated on him and he is now looking for a new woman. He will be home in a month- sure!!!
He also has custody of hi one son ...

Ladies the pictures are the same ones that are circulating to other ladies - he found me on Be2 - but i googled his name today and found out it is all a big scam....he is not who he says he is and these are probably not even his picture.....
*Also if your last name is Walker -why do you have James on your jacket/shirt etc?

2012-07-16, 11:45:50
he uses the name James D Watson now and he found me on a datigsajt, I've had mailkontakt few days with him, and he's very good at writing, writes that he is about to retire soon, so this is a great part that you can search for images, a big thank you, and nice to be suspicious. his ip. is
IP is and meil adress
2012-07-16, 12:16:19
he uses the name James D Watson his ip. is
IP is and meil adress, and as Terry Walker James.

2012-07-23, 16:07:43
anonymous from Ireland  
Terry walker now posing as James Cruise.
2012-08-14, 02:05:45
James Walker also uses the e-mail address He claims to be stationed in Afghanistan and will be home in three month. I could not find anything in the US Army listings about him, Googled him and found him here.He also claims to have custody of his son. He contacted me on match. Some of the photos are the same.Thank you all for posting....
2012-08-18, 13:14:16
anonymous from United States  
Yes James Walker, or Terry James Walker is a scam artist. He claimed to be in Iraq and his son needed money and wanted me to help. I fell hard fast for this smooth talker. He is using I was smart enough not to send him money. Stay away from him gorls, he will win your heart over in no time

2012-08-19, 13:25:53
anonymous from United States  
OMG, even after I told Terry James Walker to go to hell, he still is trying to tell me how much he loves me and how the stories on this site is not about him. The sad thing is I have really fallen for this man, anyone would with him being able to say all the right things. He will win your heart over fast, just like he did mine. He begged me for money for his son who was out of the country with friends and needed money. He claims his parents were killed in car accident. He says he will be hom (retiring) in 3 months and says he is coming to marry me. Claims to live in Texas. Stay away ladies, bad news! Glad I was too smart and thanks for this site, I did not send him any money. He is using
2012-08-21, 06:13:08
anonymous from United States  
Is it possibly that someone has stolen Terry James Walker profile and is using it to scam women? Give me your thought.
2012-08-21, 06:47:56
anonymous from United States  
This Terry Walker James, is the same guy that I was talking too, aka Lucas James, same story, and yes he will convince you that his son is very sick and needs money to help him get out of hospital and he is stuck in Ghana, needs money to get back home, but he has already supposely retired from the military and went to Ghana to get son, so they could come to me and be a family....oh yes very sweet talker, saids all the right words for you to fall so fast in love with he has cut off all communications with me since I refuse to send him anymore money..
2012-08-21, 06:52:14
anonymous from United States  
that is not the pic that I just posted ! tried to post a pic of Lucas James!

2012-08-21, 06:52:16
anonymous from United States  
that is not the pic that I just posted ! tried to post a pic of Lucas James!

2012-08-21, 11:46:30
anonymous from United States  
There is a current FBI and JAG file on Terry Walker James and Andrew Vaughn Woolnough, his aledged Diplomat. The pictures that are being used by all the above different named scammers and showing the pictures listed for Terry Walker James, have been stolen from a real American soldier. The FBI and JAG knows who the real soldier is, and the real soldier knows about his identity being used by scammers trying to get women to send them money. The FBI and JAG are trying to get the scammers for the real soldier's stolen identity theft under the Stolen Valor Act. The real soldier is very genuine and a great, dedicated soldier for our country. Please help him by turning your evidence into the FBI Identity Theft site to help put an end to the identity theft of this brave soldier. This is how Americans can truly help our soldiers and give them the honor they truly desire and need for their service to our country.
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