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Dating scammer ricardo dipego


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Name: ricardo dipego


1071 w.15th st. chicago IL 60608 989-385-5096

Other Comments:
This is the address this scammer gave me. There was a Ricardo at this address and he told me to be careful who I meet on the internet. This scammer sent me pics of a daughter he called Kate. And also of himself. I am sure they are not him!! He wanted me to send 800.00 to him because he was robbed and shot at!! He also said his daughter was badly hurt in the hospital. I am scared now because he has pics of me and my kids and I am afraid of being a part of this scam!! He also has my phone # and address. I gave it to him long before he asked for the money!! Stupid me!

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2008-09-27, 11:45:18
Here is more of his great work, he is so wrong for the things he is doing. I was so hurt when I found this website and realized I was being scammed by the same person. I was really hurt I truly starting falling for this man. I already had trust issues this only made it worst. They have no concious. I also received emails from his daugther Stella, I hope she is not his real daughter, because if she is she really has a creep for a father. I met Ricardo (Ric) on myspace.

I'd try to do anything
Just to be near you
Get a little bit closer
To you it's heaven.

Whenever our eyes meet
You make my heartbeat fast
I always wanted to be near you,
Because in you, I've found the one.

Being close to you
Makes me feel so right
I can do everything
Wherever I go, whatever i do
The thoughts of you
Brings a smile into my heart.

Now, here you are
Closer to me
I can't believe it's you
Everything will change, I know
But always for me, it will be you

Hope you like it.

It has been a long time since we met. I can't believe how long I've been loving you and how long I contained my love.

The look of your eyes and that smile that you gave me, melted my heart away. Those smooth cheeks you have, oh, I wished I could've given you a kiss right away. As soon as I see your face, my knees go weak, my heart throbs hoping to feel you around me. Your body is perfection and to me it does not matter.

I loved the way you write me email. Maybe God closed my eyes to other girls and you attracted my attention. I have been waiting for you for 2 years now since my wife passed out, I hope I'll be able to talk to you soon. I just don't have the courage.

Thanks for the smile you gave me. I really felt so lightened inside that I melted. I could say nothing but to just stare at your natural beauty. I wish we could go out together one day and we could have our nights by the bay and that I could pour out my feelings to you. Thank you, you awaken me, deep inside. Even if you don't love me, I'll always wait for you and no matter what, you are in my heart... no matter what happens. I hope I'll be able to hold you in my arms and tell you that I love you. That's all I need from you. I like you and that's a promise.

You are a blessing that my entire being is very thankful for. I feel that we were made to love, listen, understand, and work through all times in our lives together and individually.

I feel that we have shared more time together than we ever will and I know there are many more special occassions and moments in our lives that will surprise and bring us closer.
You are my soul mate and nothing, and no one else feels more right than you!! I like you eternally and unconditionally. Your words has answered this prayer I've wanted and been almost too anxious for so long.

I miss you more than words can say and my love will reach any distance and fly to be in your dreams and heart each evening that we can not be together. I physically long for you each night and will see you in my dreams until we find ourselves wrapped in the love that grows stronger and deeper each day, into our future together. I believe and have faith in you.

2008-09-27, 14:54:58
Hello I am the one who wrote on the a couple days ago. Seems to me that we all have been talking to the same man at the same time. I have talked to him off myspace since 8-9-08. Several months and several mind, emotional games later.
I am still very hurt by all of this because I really fell for him and I thought was in love with him. I have trust issues from pass relationships but this guy really stole my heart and won my trust by the things he said, poems and love letters he wrote.
I IM him this morning after I read that he said he was back in Chicago, just to see what he would do or say. He acted as if we had never talked before. He is a real winner... Ladies becareful he has no human compassion. He sent me the same email and words above. Like I said a couple days ago he has my pictures, some of my poems I wrote and he knows where I live. Which what he could do and what would be done with the poems and my pictures, bad enough he is using parts of my name. This man needs to be stop. Before someone really gets hurt or something happens.
2008-09-28, 23:42:35
So, is there anything we can do? I guess as bad as I felt over the whole thing I was only in contact with him for about 3 weeks. Also, when he did not know I was calling him there was a woman who answered just saying hello, hello like she couldn't hear me. Then one time it was a guy. If you listen long enough it is a recording that repeats itself......
2008-09-29, 17:47:35
anonymous from United States  
You can go to and post his picture and his information there. They have a very large data base of scammers. If you have been scammed out of money, you can file a report at This is the FBI's reporting site. make sure you keep a copy of all emails and IM's then print a copy of the IC3 report that you file and you can claim the loss on your income tax by filing a 1040 long form. You may at least be able to recover a portion of your losses.
Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do to stop these criminals. They hide behind fake names, fake pictures and fake profiles. There is not one bit of truth to what they have told you. Plus, the estimates are that at least 50% of the Nigerian and Ghanain police are on the take and actually protect the scammer's internet cafes from being bothered so they can work uninterrupted.
Again, has a wealth of information on what to do and how to protect yourself. I strongly encourage you to go there and read all they have posted. There's TONS of good info there.
2008-09-30, 20:26:54
Matthew W. Linville
40 Chicago IL. Also Family home in Louisville KY.
Widow with 16yr old daughter Stella. Owes his own business exporting BMW cars, Says he “It lets him drive his Q7 all over the place.”
Contacted me on Myspace.
Myspace Display Name: ~~~M~~~~
Myspace site ID:
Yahoo Messenger ID: mattl1012
Yahoo Email:
Phone Numbers used: To call and text.
SS# 402-04-2947 ( I was given this to do a check on him to see if he was for real or not)

Names given to send money:
Chukwunta Chinedu

This last one was the last name given and was given to send money, food and to hear about Matt while he was in Jail in Enugu.
Email address:
Phone number: Matt’s phone.. hahaha 0112348038081556

Same address given for all the names to send money. Told not to send it western union online but at al location. Because the first name given was flagged by western union and the second one I searched the name and came up with the scam website. I posted a comment on that site on 9-4. I confronted Matt about what I found. He called and was crying saying it wasn’t him and I should take him for his word. Talked me into sending 100 western union on 9-5-08.
He also contacted me on and invited me to join his page. He is also listed on under the school of Jones Metroplitan in Chicago.. (As a new member to the school page)
Other myspace web pages I have found linking to him by names given and even looking up my own name.
Matthew 49 Louisville KY (Blk Man) Last log in 4/6/08
Matt 40 Louisville KY Same picture used in the one he contacted me on.
~~~M~~~ Matt 40 Chicago IL. (the one he used to contact me)

I have found other myspace profile but haven’t gotten their links yet, but have them saved on my profile as favorites.
He said he was drawn to me. That his daughter and him were playing on myspace and she found my profile and said “How about her.” Something in his heart stopped when he seen me. Talked since July 9th at first on myspace and then on Yahoo Messenger and yahoo emails. He was wanting to start on messenger really fast but I didn’t have my own computer at first. But after I got one, he was on there everyday waiting for me to sign on after work. Said “You belong to me.” “You are mine forever and always” “I will never go away.”
He sent me lost of really nice lovely romantic emails. I feel him (It) faster then I would have and had anyone else. I have a major trust issue with men and most of them don’t get me that fast face to face. He said “I love you and I will never break your heart.” We talked about everything in life and our lives. I fell in love with him and trusted him.
He stopped talking to me two weeks ago (as Matt anyway) when he was taken away to jail because he couldn’t pay the hospital bill.
He was in the hospital the day after he got from the UK to Nigeria; robbed of all his money to get the BMW cars shipped there out of customs. His laptop, luggage and everything was gone. He was shot in the hand and hit over the head. He called me that morning said he was in the hospital and he needed money; that was labor day weekend. I had no money to send him but he kept talking to me on the phone and then soon one of the doctors let him use his laptop so he could email and IM me because the doctor knew how much he loved me and missed me. He still asked for money for food, the hospital wasn’t feeding him and he needed it to pay his bill so he could get out go to the bank, get the cars out of customs and then go home. We had an argument on the 4th of Sept. Over the whole scam ordeal I had found on the internet after he gave me names of people to send money to.. He won the argument and I fell for his lies and sent him 100.00. It was all I had and all I could afford to send. The money issue clamed down for just alittle while and then he was on the street, hospital kicked him out kept his past port. No he need money for food and a place to stay. I didn’t send any but I kept him believing I was going to try to get him some. I knew it was a game and a scam I wanted to talk and find out what was happening and what he was doing. So I kept talking to him. He told me to contact friends and family of mine to see if I could get him some money to help with food. I told him I contacted them but I didn’t I just kept his game going. He talked me into calling an ex boyfriend of mine. Given the situation he knew that would put me into he wanted me to try anyway. I was injured badly, got no money and he seemed to only care for a little while then it was back to the money issue again. Then two weeks ago he told me he was going to go to jail if he didn’t pay his hospital bill he had till Sunday morning to get the money. I told him I would try and get some. But come Saturday night I emailed him and told him I had no money and I had worked for this farmer to make some but the farmer changed his mind on when he would pay me. I just told him that I work but I really had a fun weekend with my girls. He emailed me and told me that if I ever wanted to hear from him to contact the Chinedu guy and gave me his email address. I have gotten emails from Chinedu in the beginning but then when I asked him to get some information about Matt from Matt I never got a reply. Saturday night I was playing around on the computer and decided to try and IM Matt and use the ID I used to use on dating sites when they wanted to go IM Yahoo. He started to talk to me like I was someone he was trying to pick up. Didn’t recognize me or act like he did. I had to leave and cut the conversation short and then he said he would be on later to talk to me. He wasn’t so I emailed him using the other email address. Then the next morning I get an email from his daughter saying stuff and calling me mom. Sunday she also was IM me on yahoo. I know it wasn’t his daughter well at least I hope it wasn’t because she doesn’t spell or speak good grammar for an American 16yr old. The things he was saying Saturday night it was Matt I have had the same conversation with him before.

He sent the best love emails and then I find out on the site that they are copy pasted. I sent pictures of myself to him and it makes me wonder how they are being used. And if he had copied some of my family photos that are on myspace. I also sent him poems that I had written myself, who knows if he is using them on women now. What kind of man steals money and breaks women hearts and messes with their mind, emotions and their lives.

2008-09-30, 20:28:01
anonymous from United States  
Other pictures sent to me.

2008-09-30, 20:29:04
anonymous from United States  
Another picture sent to me.. I would really like to know who this man really is.

2008-09-30, 20:30:06
anonymous from United States  
Photo used on where he also contacted me.

2008-09-30, 20:31:11
anonymous from United States  
Antoher Photo sent to me. And then there is the first one I posted that is used on myspace.

2008-10-04, 11:32:00   (updated: 2008-10-04, 11:34:12)
I sent Matt Linville a nice loving,caring email Thrusday at 1:05pm and at 1:19pm he called me and said he needed 120 dollars so he could get out of jail by Friday. After not hearing anything from him as Matt for two weeks now. I wanted to see if I could get a response from him as Matt not someone else and it worked.
His friend Chinedu got him the most of it and let him call me on the phone. HUM?? I told him I would try to get him the money. So he has been calling me the last two days.
He called me this morning using another phone number #0112438050260289. Trying to keep in contact with him as much as I can. So I know what is going on with him. Ladies this man is a really Charmmer and knows how to talk like a prince in shinny armor.
2008-10-04, 19:05:47
anonymous from United States  
I too met this man. I have other pictures of him so you will be very weary. The picture on these sites are not this man. These pictures were stolen off another website. He is also on Amor.Com,, Black planet, and Black Singles. I have been tracking this character down for a while. Once I revealed who he was, he blocked me. He is now on I get paid to hunt down these hideous people. Unfortunately, they are not the people they portray. So keep in mind that the pictures are not the person. I have plastered him on every website I see him in. He is not as good as he thinks because I track him down at least once a month!!!!!.

Ladies, beware on one picture, he will be wearing a yellow polo shirt, next a blue and white checkered shirt and it looks as if he is in a bar, next picture on he is in a red polo shirt. Where he stole these pictures from you will never know. I will keep you all posted once I find the real person and let them know that there picture is being used to scam woman.

Keep up the good work and I will close down as many as I can on my website.

2008-10-04, 22:10:10
2008-10-06, 18:22:30
Hello Ladies me again. I am the one who posted all the information on Matthew Linville. I get calls from him everyday now that he got out of jail, asking for more money and he loves me so much and can't wait to be beside me. Says that if I could send him even 60 dollars I would never have to worry about money again. He says he needs money to get things to wear so he can come home and take care of the bank situation to get his cars out of customs. But he has to have something else to wear since he was in on the streets and in jail for so long. I keep telling him I have no money to send and he gets really upset with me. He won't get online an talk says he has no computer to use.

I have been contacting him through a friends IM so I know he has a computer or uses his phone. They haven't talked much lately but he has a photo of a him in a red polo shirt. He told her that he was in chicago and heading out to UK. Today he contacted her and told her he was in UK and gave a number to call him at. #011447045718905..
I am going to try and get whatever I can on this guy, he messed with the wrong country girl here. I lost more then just money, I am the one who got injured. I will do whatever I can to stop him so let me know what I can do to help.

As I find out more I will post it here.
2008-10-08, 19:30:50
If you ladies would allow me to do my job, I will catch this man. The man on the picture is not who you are talking to. I am really close. If you chat with him, just post it on thie website. I am close to finding out who this man is so I can let him know what this person is doing to him.

Let me know what you discover and I will do the same. We will catch this man who is pretending to be this gentleman on the website.
2008-10-08, 21:54:42
I chated with this man tonight he photo on the IM is of a man in a red polo shirt. He sent me other pictures then the ones above. Being an artist I can tell this is the same man and the girl (daughter Stella) is the same. One has him in a blue/ white shirt and looks like in a bar or at some party with balloons in the back of US ball teams. The others are him and his daughter Stella but different poses. Then there is one of him laying on a pillow with sunglass on and one of him and Stella looks older, like maybe in their teens and he sent me one of the same with him, Stella, and 'cousin Mary'. Looks like they are at some kind os function.
He talks a lot about liking Sushi.. Like that is the only favorite food he has. We haven't talked much because he is on at different times, but tonight he was almost waiting for me. He is using IM address on yahoo and yahoo email address of Looks like he is using the myspace site under Ricardo Dipego search site name is MATT link is
He was really disappointed that I haddn't called him or emailed him. He asked me for pictures of myself tonight. I haven't sent them.
Says he lost his wife and mother in a car crash in Italy, Daughter Stella was the only surivior with only a broken arm.
Looking at all the pictures he has sent and on here and knowing it is not really him in the picture; it looks like he has stolen a lot of this man photos of the man and his family. Kinda makes you wonder what he does to all the ones we said him.
He hasn't ask me for money yet. But did say his daughter Stella asked him if she could email me. I asked why she would want to do that but he didn't answer. I gave the phone number he gave me the other day again it is #01144704578905.
This is all being done under another name and not my real story this time.
He texts me at my phone everyday while I am at work and say 'I love you Call me' but still won't get online and talk to me. I told him to contact me texting or emailing but he has. I know he just wants money and to try to make me feel guilty for not sending it.
I do have the other photos of him but I don't know if I should post them. It is the same man in the photos above but just different poses. I know the man in the photos is not the man I am talking to.
I will post when and what is said when I talk to him..
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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