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Dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria


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This is a place holder about dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria.

He has profiles on
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2006-11-25, 15:12:03
anonymous from Mexico  

2006-11-25, 15:13:56
anonymous from Mexico  

2006-11-25, 19:23:20
anonymous from United States  
I meet someone named Jim Kean on myspace, he emailed me and we started talking on Yahoo Messager. He said he was born and raised in Manchester, England of course he writes it a Menchester instead of Manchester. Anyway he says he moved to Austin, Texas when he was 29 after he lost both his parents in a car wreck. He currently is suposed to be over in Nigeria working on a Road Construction Project. He has asked me for money to help pay his hotel bill with I sent to him $400 I Western Unioned to a Wendal Leonard in #147 Airport Road in Ikeja, Lagos state in Nigeria (this person was suposed to be his lawyer), then he talked me out of another $400 to get him some food because he said he did not have any and I sent it to the same person. Well now he is saying he has got paid and want to come home to me and make a life with me, but at first he wanted me to send him $3800 for a plane ticket to get him here to me, I told him I did not have it. We finally decided to have him FedEx his check to me and I would put it in my bank account and take out the money he needed for the plane ticket it and western union it to him. But he need another $400 just to get it FedEx to him. Seems like he like the #400. I looked his email address and found a scam under his email address.

Date Caught: 6/30/2006
IP Address:
Host Information:

hello Seller,
Mrs Donna was suffing the net and came accross your advert
placed,I am Mr Jim kean a personal assistance to Mrs Donna J..A Farm study owner in Australia and west Africa and she have a keen interest in your she ask me to contact you on her behalf.. So i will like to know the latest update,present condition and the last price for it,and i will like to see the most recent picture,and means of payment will be through an Money Order OR a Cashier Checks..So if the payment arrangement is okay by you..You can notify her directly OR u get back to me..if it is still available for sale. please mail back asap via here send ur name and the last price for it,and i will like to see the most recent picture please mail back at ur ealiest convinience..
Best regards..

Well I confronted him with it last night, but he did not want to talk about it. He said he did not know how that got on the internet and anything can happen on the internet. I told him I have a family member that was the Assistant District Attorney for Fraud and Abuse (which I do) and he got all excited and did not want me to talk to here about his so called problem with his check. See he says he is getting paid $70,000 for Road Construction and the banks in Nigeria will not cash his check before it has the Bank of American on it. I told him to talk to his so called lawyer to help him with this, but he says the lawyer will not help him.

Well when we talk on the computer he tells me how much I mean to him and how much he loves me and wants to come here and marry me. When he gets here he is going to help me get out of debt and buy us a house and live together forever. He sent me this picture I am attaching to this. Actually I have 2 pictures. I am just confused on what to do. I mean I want to believe this, but everyone tells me he is just scamming me. I don't know what to believe. I just wish this would stop already. He keeps trying to contact me and me being the kindheart person I am, I want to help him because he says he needs me and there is noone else who understands me. I don't know what to think. Anyway I am just posting this to see if anyone has ever been contacted by him or been scammed by him or if what he is telling me is true or all lies.

Thanks for the help,

Keywords: white guy
2006-11-25, 19:40:27
anonymous from United States  
Here is another picture of him. If anyone knows anything about him please let me know ok, you can email me at


Keywords: man
2006-11-27, 04:31:25
anonymous from United States  
Regarding KELVIN...he went to more trouble than most do...he completed the profile, but it screams SCAMMER. His handle on is

50-year-old man
New York, NY, US
Seeking: Women 35-84
2006-11-29, 06:04:31
anonymous from United States  
Regardiing Jim Kean above: HE IS A can do a lot to stop him from communicating with you. There is no happily Ever After with these guys...if you can get him to email you to a regular email acct, get the Header info and send to Yahoo. They will shut him down. Second, whatever site you received it on, notify them, and listing here is great, also go to : - it is branch of the FBI. Report him there. Do not believe the hype , and do not PART with your money. Your DA friend must have told you that. Good luck.

Keywords: white man
2006-11-29, 06:12:45
anonymous from United States  
Kim RE: Jim Kean
I have reported him to Yahoo. He will be shut down in a couple of days. Meanwhile if you do not want to talk with him further (and I would suggest that you stop no matter what he says or a fool and her money soon will be parted..block him on your IM and email account.
2006-11-30, 08:24:04
anonymous from United States  
ANother Scammer. No photo posted...too much work?
From: omohneedsu (
To: Zoetrophe (
Date received: November 30, 2006
Subject: You have a great and sexy smile.....

when i saw your profile on match,i knew we had something in common,my instinct told me you were my beloveth queen...
I wonder how God could let you go off so easily, you are an angel from heaven seeing you has made me believe that an angel is missing from heaven, WOW ! i never knew that one day i would be previledged to meet the prettiest face in the universe, really i am impressed with your charming and irresistable looks, you have swept me off my feet, quite enchanting and very captivating too. i have a Daughter,called Jane i named her after my Mom,i am from Greece but i lived in th Uk as a name is Jack Williams,i have been divorced since 4years ago, I seek the companionship of a good and caring,communicative. woman for a Committed relationship, Friendship, Intimate relationship, Live together, Marriage .View my profile,if you like it,add me to your messenger list, so that we can talk about the distance and how to meet,Coming to see you will never be a problem,as travelling is what i do mostly....So,i would Love us to talk on IM,my yahoo id is i m online now add me so we can chat to know more about ourselves.

2006-12-12, 18:13:12
anonymous from United States  
I am another sucker. 'Frank Joe' and I met on He first contacted me through and asked to email him at In his profile he was a single father of a 6 yr old son who lost his wife two years ago in a car crash. He is a building contractor working on contracts in west Africa. I did not think much about it at first. He asked if I could send money to get his son a birthday present which was today. Being the nice person I am, I Western Union $200 for gifs for him and his son. But this past weekend, he wanted to come meet me and asked if I could help get him back to the states. WHAT A SCAM!. I should have followed by head instead of my heart. I thought I had met a man that truly had brought light to my life. I sent $2400 by Western Union to pay for his airfare. I should have questioned it because Western Union asked if I knew the person I was sending the money to. Today he contacted about BTA insurance before he can leave tomorrow. I told him I could not send any more money. Did not have it. I cannot believe these people that scam people out of their life savings. These people play on people's feelings and emotions. This puts a very foul taste in my mouth for ever finding love and companionship.

This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

Keywords: man black pullover
2006-12-12, 18:13:56
anonymous from United States  
Another 'Frank Joe' scammer photo
This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

Keywords: man pool
2006-12-28, 23:05:55
anonymous from United States  
i met this guy named jim kean on the singlesnet matchmaking site. He is a scam. He began asking for money almost the first day. I never sent him money like he asked. I toyed with him until he bored me. He tried to get me to sent him money for living expences, hotel, food, and a way to get state side. I was too smart for him. I told him to ask his lawyer. To go to the church for money. I looked up on the internet for prices for a plane ticket. Guess what? It really was affordable. He asked me for 3000 dollars for a ticket, so i informed him he had more than enough to get here and back. I think every woman should do reseach before giving away your money. For all that gave to the jerks likes this, my heart goes out to you all. On Thanksgiving Day I watched Dr. Phil, he aired a show on these guys. It was amazing please check out or you can e-mail me and i will send you my e-mails to you. If your not sure about someone google their e-mail address it helps too. I am
2007-01-05, 17:13:59

2007-01-05, 17:21:17
[hidden] from United States  
He says he is from Thomasville, NC, working in London. Needed money to finish out fees and ticket back home. After I received info that a money order was on its way to me, I fell for the scam and wired him $1800. After a couple of months and 2 different shipments of money orders, I still don't have my money back and he is still 'stranded in London.' Right!!!! The money orders turns out to be counterfeit, 10 @ $780 and 10@ $745. Yes, they have been reported, and no, I didn't cash them. Please be aware of these phonies. He was the second guy that contacted me, the first didn't get me, but the second time, he did. This guy goes by Andrew Chiwenqu.
I will attach the second guy's picture. Of course, these are probably not the correct pictures, but it's no doubt, the same guy.

He is still professing his love for me as of today!!! Crazy, isn't it?
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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