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Change the port that Interbase listens on


Our firewall does not allow incoming traffic on port 3050 (which is the default port for InterBase). How can I change that?


You need to edit a text file called 'services'.

1) shut down the interbase server. (In windows: go to the control panel, admin tools, services, and stop the IB Guardian.)

2) locate the 'services' file. (Hint: see box below)

3) locate the following line:
gds_db 3050/tcp
and change it to
gds_db 8000/tcp #we operate on 8000 now

4) restart the InterBase server.

Note about this services file:
The services file is a local source of information regarding each service available through the Internet. Applications may call the getservbyname() routines to access this information.

Location of file 'services':
 Windows:  c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/services
 Unix:     /etc/services
 or        /etc/inet/services

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