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Featured Article

How to start Excel without Add-Ins


I have a big Add-In installed in Excel which takes 5 to 10 seconds to initialize. (This add-in is a kind of database, called TM-1. It is the TM-1 Perspectives client interface.)
I don't really need it every time I start up Excel.
I found that I can disable the TM-1 Add-In via menu "Tools | Add-Ins" but as soon as I enable it, it will be enabled the next time I start up Excel again. I don't want to have to disable it each time.
Is there a way to start Excel without pesty Add-Ins, regardless what is configured in the menu?


Yes, you may start Excel in 'Safe' mode.
Put a shortcut on your desktop that points to Excel.exe and specify command line parameter /s as shown in the screenshot below.

start Excel without Add-Ins

Generated 20:02:03 on Dec 13, 2019